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The Islamic and Cultural Communications Organisation, (ICRO) the co-ordinator of all cultural activities outside Iran, is responsible for overall management and support of its centres in more than 70 countries around the world.

Iran Cultural Centre in London is responsible for the introduction, preservation and promotion of Iran’s cultural excellence and heritage and is active on the following basis:


Persian language and literature


 Iranians have always held the Persian language at the centre of their careful attention and loving care as the most important defender of Iranian identity and also one of humanity’s most valuable treasures.


In continuation of this responsibility, Iran Cultural Centre in London is also responsible for the following events:


A. Holding Persian training lessons at primary and secondary levels on site.

B. Full backing and support for universities and departments involved in tuition of Persian language and literature and also Iranian studies.

C. Full backing and support for schools and organisations involved in tuition of Persian language and literature in London and other towns and cities across the UK.

D. Donating books and other Persian resources to public and specialised libraries.   


Iranian community


 The existence of around 300,000 Iranians in the UK adds to the already important responsibility of Iran Cultural Centre in protecting the interests of this population, in particular, the cultural interests of the second and third generations away from motherland.


In this regard, Iran Cultural Centre has either directly or indirectly been involved in the following events on an annual basis:


- Organising the various festivals and celebrating the Nowrooz (Iranian New Year) with the presence of numerous famous Iranian harmonious groups, presenters and ingenious artists of different fields and talents.

- Giving support to the establishment of Iranian associations and societies in the UK.

- Holding specialised educational lectures i.e. Masnavi Molana, reading and interpretation


Muslim community


 Another aim of Iran Cultural Centre is promoting the Islamic values and teachings together with encouragement and support for mutual respect among all faiths.


Other activities include setting up joint fine arts exhibitions and seminars in coalition with Islamic centres and Islamic studies departments, holding holy Quran calligraphy exhibitions, gilding, illumination, etc.


Also facilitating the despatching of the most prominent and outstanding distinguished international reciters of the holy Quran to different Islamic centres during the month of Ramadan is part of other measures Iran Cultural Centre undertakes.


Cooperation with art and cultural centres of UK


 In order to promote cultural relations and introduce Iranian civilisation, culture, talents, values and the Islamic revolution to the British society, Iran Cultural Centre has been involved in partnership with universities and arts and cultural centres in organising a variety of events:


- Holding exhibitions in the fields of photography, arts, hand craft, publication, etc.

- Taking active part in international cultural exhibitions in London and other cities including the International Book Exhibition, Islam Expo and the International Tourism Exhibition.

- Convening music concerts.

- Organising seminars and conferences in the fields of culture, arts and celebrating famous Iranians.

- Organising of the Iranian film festivals.

- Affiliation with the annual film festivals in London and screening selected Iranian films during these events.

- Dialogue with those involved in Iranian studies and Islamic studies based in the UK.

- Holding special events for appreciation and awarding those involved in Iranian studies and Persian researchers in the UK.

- Despatching students to Iran for further studies.

- Translation and printing works in the fields of Persian modern literature. 

- Granting research opportunities for university lecturers and professors in Persian language and Iranian studies.

- Contributing  Iranian books printed in English in variety of cultural fields to universities and higher education centres in the UK.


The Iran Cultural Centre in London welcomes all views, comments and suggestions for the  further improvement of  its cultural activities.



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