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A Glance At The Holy Shrine of Hadrat Fatima Masoumah (A.S.)
When Hadrat Fatima Masoumah (A.S.) was buried in Qum there was a shade made of straw on the holy grave built by Musa bin Khajraj. The first dome which was in the form of a tower, was built by Hadrat Zainab (A.S.), the daughter of Imam Muhammad Taqi al-Jawad (A.S.) in the middle of third century hijrah. Stone, bricks and stucco were used as construction material for this dome.
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America, the Biggest War Criminal
12th of Tir (July 3rd) is the anniversary of shooting down Iranian airbus by U.S.S Vincent navy carrier over the Persian Gulf. 290 passengers were on board who were all killed. A while ago The History Channel, at TV station in the united state which is dedicated to presenting the important history events, presented a program to analysis the events that lead to the shooting of the Iranian passenger jet liner by U.S.S Vincent. What we write here is based on what was said in that program. What is said is the view of the producer and the people who were interviewed not the opinion of the newspaper. On that fateful day, July 3rd, 1988 at 7:11 a.m. U.S.S navy carrier Montgomery reported 5 to 7 blasts in a Liberian oil tender to the U.S.S military command center in the Persian Gulf in Bahrain.
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Iran - Iraq War History
The imposed war on Iran that started on September 22, 1980 had few aims for the enemy as follow: 1-Invasion of Iranian land. 2-Control of oil region. 3-Control of strategic points. 4-Demolishing the army. 5-Invasion of more provinces. 6-Down fall of Islamic Republic government.
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Chemical Warfare in the History, Saddam Criminal acts
It is obvious that the chemical warfare is the most and oldest warfare that are forbidden according to international laws. Since they are totally inhuman, nothing but savagery since few centuries ago international conventions prohibit them. The first international convention for limitation of chemical warfare took place in 1675, when France and Germany signed at Strasbourg agreed for prohibition of chemical shells. Two hundred years latter in 1874, Brussels convention regarding laws of war also prohibited the use of chemical warfare and what ever might cause unusual pain and torment. Before the end of 19 century in 1889, in the International Conference for Peace in Hague of Holland, all the countries participating signed for prohibition of any use of chemical warfare.
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Eid ul-Fitr - Practices by countries: Iran, Turkey, South Asia
In the predominantly Shia culture of Iran, Eid is a highly personal event, and celebrations are often more muted. Called Eyde Fetr by most Iranians, charity is important on that day. Visiting the elderly and gathering with families and friends is also very common. Typically, each Muslim family gives food to those in need. Payment of fitra or fetriye is obligatory for each Muslim. Often meat or ghorbani (literally translated as sacrifice, for it is usually a young lamb or calf that is sacrificed for the occasion), which is an expensive food item in Iran, will be given by those in wealthier families to those who have less. The offering of meat is generally a part of the Eid-ul-Azha celebrations and sacrifices (Qurban) are generally not given during the Eid-ul-fitr celebrations.
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Fasting advantages
Fasting is one of the Islamic Laws. Knowing of the fast benefits and understanding its philosophy is not possible for human being. Human’s limited science can not reveal all of the secrets and thought can not solve all of the problems. Maybe, human’s science can open a new window for him in future. In that day, man is able to understand the philosophy of Islamic rules. Therefore nonexistance of the knowledge of divine rules philosophy, should not prevent us from obeying it. Because this obedience is not blindly, it is on the basis of science. Because Muslim knows that Allah is aware of every thing and there is no deficiency and requirement in his nature. He just wants prosperity and happiness for human beings. Then when he orders us to do something, we know that it is for our prosperity and our ideal perfection depends on it.
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The Night of Qadr
A year consists of different hours, days, nights, months, and most importantly different periods. However amidst all these times, certain moments are given a higher value than the rest because of the special attention of Allah (SWT) upon them, the effects they have, and the events that occur or have occurred during those times. Of these very important times is the Night of Qadr. This night is the most important and valuable night of the year. The importance of this night is to such an extent that along with the different verses that discuss the Night of Qadr, a whole chapter (Surah) in the holy Quran has been named after this night.
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